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Green TourismTo Help improve the environmental performance of our business at Calgary, we have signed up to the green Tourism Business Scheme and Mull and Iona Eco Charter.both these initiatives encourage focused monitoring and awareness of issues relating to our responsibilities to our environment.
The renovations at Calgary Farmhouse have been carried out over the last twenty five years by Matthew and Julia , a lot of the exposed beams and floors that you see have been gathered from reclamation yard s or intriguingly from the shore , many of the outside buildings are constructed from locally grown timber and some of the furniture also has a very local provenance ,having been made here in the workshop again from local timber.
along the way we have insulated and glazed to a level that meets or exceeds current building regulation .

Conserve energy use
The central heating for the larger houses is provided by efficient log burners, and the wood for these comes from the community owned forest just two miles away.
Limetree make the most of the warmth of the sun , with large southerly facing windows that help to ensure that the efficient air-source heat pump doesn't have to work too hard to keep the house comfortable.

All our appliances have been selected for their high energy efficiency ratings , and low energy light bulbs are standard though-out all the premises.

We have installed Solar Panels on the roof of the Laundry to assist in the heating of the water for the laundry ,tearoom and apartments , and handy clothes lines ensure that the use of tumble dryers is kept to an absolute minimum.

Recycle reduce and reuse

A designated recycling area can be found behind the apartments, we ask that during your stay you separate :plastics ,glass ,paper and cans, Buying locally produced food will help us further reduce waist from packaging .
A compost bin can be found next to the chickens ( Please ask before feeding the hens and ducks) but suitable compost is always welcome for Julia s vegetable garden.
To further encourage the use of the local produce a small selection of locally produce can be purchased at the tearoom. Fair trade products and Ecover are used at Calgary wherever possible and these are also available at the Tearoom.

Care for the natural environment

We are fortunate enough to be the custodians of a wonderful broad leafed wood between us and the beach. into it we have introduced sculpture.
a network of interpretation boards and paths now leads you through the wood and down to the beach. We have planted many thousands of natives trees and manage the established standing trees as best as possible,
Three new ponds where added last winter and have already become an important new habitat with in our little wood.